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Higher Bridge Well-Being

Do you often feel stuck? Do you feel lost or put yourself down?  We as human experience hard times no matter what.  And only few know how to turn it into a starting point for the new life full of happiness.  The mission of Higher Bridge Well-Being is  to support to bring your hidden authentic-self up to allow your ideal desires been achieved with self-worth and self-love.

Thought-Based Approach

Do you need help to achieve your goals in life?

You have tried to improve your current situation but didn’t work as expected?

Higher Bridge Well-Being provides 1-on-1 coaching services

with totally custom-made program that guide you to clarify your life purposes

through the real messages of uncomfortable feelings.
Are you willing to be successful in your balanced life?

If you would like to see your inner rainbow,

now is the time to make one small step for your own worth.

Let's walk towards the other side of the bridge together!

Dream Planner Basic Workshop


Write your Future Diary

Believe in the Law of Attraction?

Make your dreams come true with efficiently utilizing your subconsciousness!

Are you familiar with those feelings; “I don’t know what I really want to do”, “I just can’t take a step forward for my desire”, “I become depressed comparing with others who are successful”


Working on with “Dream Notebook”, you are going to be able to clarify your dreams, so that you will be able to move toward your ideal future!

What’s the secret of this exciting life-changing notebook?

It is designed based on neuroscience so that you will be able to achieve your dreams easily and smoothly!  The most important thing is to what really inspires joy!


Join 3-hour workshop creating your fulfilling dreams!

Japanese only at this moment.

My Life Journey

I am an empowerment inner rainbow life coach who guide people unconditionally with peacefully and insightfully.  Since I have been always on my path of who I really am and fascinated with spirituality, it was a natural shift to a thought-based support after posed 10 years of my career as a marketing communications consultant due to become a stay-at-home parent.  During my family focused life for about 5 years, I realized that there was little work-life balance for me to face so many demands when I started to help people as a life coach.  I have developed  my coaching knowledge through applying to myself during that period of time when caused me emotionally and physically fatigue and uncomfortable all kinds of feelings.  Now, I am sustainably happy and enjoying both personal and work life with self-worth and self-love, because I understand the language of emotions.

I work based in Vancouver, BC Canada who originally come from Yokohama, Japan.  I have been married with French-born Canadian husband and living with a daughter.  I specialize in supporting people who are willing to identify and achieve their personal dreams and professional goals for their inner happiness and self-love by coping with core issues that cause uncomfortable feelings.

Thank you for your interests and I look forward to meeting with you.

* Certified Emotional Empowerment Coach

* Member of International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP) 

* Language: English, Japanese

* English-Japanese Translator

* Certified Dream Planner Basic Workshop Trainer

* Certified Access Bars® Practitioner

* Certified The Access Energetic Facelift™ Practitioner

* Marketing Communications Consultant

* Completed Positioning Building Program

* Attended 'Maximum Achievement' presented by Brian Tracy

* Completed Digital Marketing Mastery Program presented by Jeremiah Desmarais

Yumie Takahashi